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The association

The Farafina Company Association

Compagnie Farafina Association organizes and administers all FARAFINA activities. They cover the following four areas:

  • Concert tours
  • Artistic creations in collaboration with artists and creators of the living arts
  • Internships and dance classes and instruments (mainly balafon and djembe)
  • Actions in Burkina Faso (dance workshop, specific cultural and artistic projects)

The association is looking for both active members willing to give a little of their time, and sympathetic members who, through the “Circle of Friends of Farafina”, provide support through their contributions and donations.

You can register by sending an email to the following address:

Currently, we are looking for

  • A room for instruments
  • A place of rehearsal (date to be agreed)
  • Accommodation for 12 people (date to be agreed)
  • A tour busRegistration means